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Dr. Sabey


Dr. Sabey

Since I was a kid, I always knew I would one day become a veterinarian. I grew up on a small farm where working with animals was my passion. I was always trying treat their ailments, and fix their problems. My father is a pediatric surgeon who taught me to work with my hands and problem solve. I believe that my career path is a natural outgrowth of my upbringing and childhood.

After completing a bachelor’s degree at Brigham Young University, I attended veterinary school at Kansas State University. I graduated from Kansas State in 2008 and moved to the pacific northwest to begin working.

My first veterinary job out of school was a private practice in Kirkland, Washington. Freshly out of school, surgery was already my passion and focus. Very quickly I began learning and performing orthopedics under the mentorship of the lead veterinarian who had been performing extracapsular techniques and MPL’s for many years. With a good mentor and a lot of support I began to develop my skills and passion for orthopedics.

In 2011 I left private practice and took a position at the Seattle Humane Society doing mostly surgery. Being a no-kill shelter with a huge animal population, the opportunities for surgery were endless. Because of this, I was given the chance to perform far more surgeries than are usually seen in private practice. These procedures could be anything from perineal urethrostomies, to fracture repairs, to TPLO’s, to gastric foreign bodies. This opportunity was unique, and gave me an excellent environment in which to really hone my surgery skills and learn more.

In 2014, I began a program offering surrounding shelters and rescues orthopedic surgeries through the Seattle Humane Society. Animals as far as Tacoma and Yakima have been transferred in for their surgeries. Because of this, I now do orthopedics for Seattle Humane and also many surrounding rescues and shelters.

In 2014 I began a yearlong mentorship with board certified surgeon, Thomas Fry, in order to learn TPLO’s. For one year I spent three to four afternoons a week scrubbed in with Dr. Fry. During this time period, I received in depth one-on-one training and mentorship in TPLOs. Dr. Fry continues to be a good friend and mentor.

I started Riverbend Veterinary in 2015. It is my goal to bring skilled and excellent orthopedic surgeries to select small animal hospitals in the Puget Sound area. With my background in shelter surgery and medicine, I am acutely aware of the financial realities that pet owners are faced with. As result of this, I offer my surgeries at a price point that is accessible to most pet owners, with the hopes that they will consider treating their animal rather than surrendering their pet, or ignoring the issue.

I live in Carnation with my five year old daughter Fae our Corgi mix, Roxy and thoroughly enjoy all things farming, construction, and gardening.

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